Adam, Claire     Is Yours Now

Adams, Camille U.     Up Covigne Road

Aitken, Maureen     The Hades of Fridley

Alenyikov, Michael     Izzy’s House

Alexandri, Maya     The Hug

Alexandri, Maya     4p16.3

Allen, Jessie Lovett     What Will Happen to the Fat Girl

Allen, Brianne     Target

Amiel, Tricia     Rain

Andersen, Rose     Dating Profile

Andrews-Rice, Kaitlyn     Boys with Secrets

Angst, Bim     Breath

Asher, Sam     Fish Food

Au, Nancy     When Bones Grow

Ayres, Jane     Three Interludes

Ayres, Daniel     Útlongsul


Baker, Lindsey     A Search

Barasch, Caitlin     Exhale

Barrett, Matt     Still Life, Route 54

Barrett, Matt     To Be A Goddamned Mayfly

Barrow, Barbara     Follicles

Barry, Kevin     The Apparitions

Barton, Tyler     “Divebombing…”

Baute, Nicole     Run

Becker, Robin     An Open Letter to the Better Robin Becker

Bell, Amy K.     I Will Hold It, My Love

Bellavance-Grace, Karen     If

Bellinger, DeMisty D.     I’m Black, You’re Black

Berg, Carly     Flight of the Garage Men

Bernstein, Amy     How to Fix a Lamp

Bertaina, Andrew     Advice to My Son

Bertaina, Andrew     Rules for Writing an Essay

Bertaina, Andrew     My Daughter and I Discuss God and Puns

Bertaina, Andrew     A Field of White

Bertino, Marie-Helene     Free Ham

Biebel, Brett     Brushback

Biondolillo, Marie     Triangulating My Relationship with My Lover, the Motorcycle

Bishop, A. L.     The Cost of Living

Blue, Janine     “…for a Black girl”

Bogdonoff, Noah     A Good Mother

Bond, Jamy     Morphine

Boos, Thomas     The Owl

Boutris, Despy     Dinner Guest

Bowers, Melissa     Hive Mind

Boyle, Anne     Irises

Bradley, Sarah     Birds of Paradise

Brady, Odette Lester     Legacy

Brahmbhatt, Kruti     Outside the City of Death

Brandt, Rachel     The Moments Before We Woke

Braxton, Diamond     Hatching Naomi

Brody, Sara     Ocean Beach, 1963

Brody, Lori Sambol     The Truth About Alaskan Rivers

Broome, Brian     Balk

Browning, Leah     Wax

Buchanan, Myles     Night Skiing

Burch, Aaron     The Idea Of It All

Burge, Natasha     The Leavings of Mouths

Bushby, Shannon     proverbial


Cadavid, Claudia     Breathe With Me

Campbell, Bob     Calling on Lady Day and John Coltrane

Carcione, Jayson     I Love You, Mrs. Tresca

Cardew, Jonathan     The Girl Who Had A TIE Fighter For A Nose

Carney, Sasha     Anglerfish

Caspers, Nona     The Fifth Season

Cato, James     Dragging the River

Caulfield, Jack     A Bump in the Road

Chapman, Jeffrey S.     Taylor Swift Won’t Survive the Labyrinth

Chong, Jinwoo     Low Orbit

Claassen, Carol     Object Permanence

Clarkson, Martha     Mutations

Clouse, Carol J.     Revisions

Coenen, Catharina     Tower Song

Cohen, A Cerisse     Glens

Cohen, Garnett Kilberg     Lightning

Cole, Douglas     The Machine Shop at the End of the World

Cornelison, Shelli     Refinery Lights

Cowen, Tom     The Road Ahead

Cowling, Ruby     We Are Part of This

Craigo, Karen     Last Inspection of Mount Vernon by George Washington, Gentleman Farmer

Crawford, Mary     In the Jade City

Crenshaw, Paul     World’s Greatest Dad

Cripps, Heather     A Little More Full and Less Empty

Crown, Lena     The Four Stages of a Fire

Curtis, Madeline     Beasts of Paradise


Dabbs, Zoe     Twin Suns

Dahl, Corey     Birding

Dansak, Mary     A Sister’s Guide to Grief

Dashiell, Beckie     Inscription, from E

Davis, C.V.     Single Issue

Delisle, Jennifer Bowering     Abracadabra

Diamond, Krista     Impermanence

Dickinson, Stephanie     The Wild Orchid Napalm Forest

Dickinson, Stephanie     Dorothy Millette Postcard

Dighiera, Nicholas     Whiskeytown, California

Donnahee, Melanie     An Exclusive Club

Donnelly, Frances     Gas

Doyle, Leslie     Shards

Drew, Christopher M.     Americone Dream

Duckworth, Jonathan Louis     Exam: Essays 101

Duckworth, Jonathan Louis     What Ravens Can Teach Us of God

Dudley, Brandon     Coyotes

Dwivedi, Uma     Gender Euphoria


Eberly, Andrea     The Mouse and the Walnut Shell

Elkes, KM     Being The Good Guys

Ellis, Angie     Blue

Ellis, Angie     Salt Water

Engesser, Stewart     Snow

Ennis, Sean     Rarely Have We Seen a Person Fail

Espinoza, Ashley     Pumping

Evers, Stuart     Do You Still Skate?


Farrell, Richard     The Weanling

Farrenkop, Corey     Kettle Pond

Fatima, A.H.     The Mite in My Left Eye

Feil, BD     Downwind

Feil, BD     Room

Finegan, Kate     And Even Still the Conch

Fish, Kathy     Three Likely Stories

Fisk, Brent     Biology

Flett, Jane     Shadow Puppetry

Flouton, Emily     Old Man Gogol

Frank, Tim     Life Lessons

Fraser, Sara B.     Driving While Dead

Freligh, Sarah     Authentic

Friedlander, Lisa     Now-ist Meditation on the Memory Couch


Gaffney, Sarah Kilch     This Washcloth

Gallo, Louis     Great Asses

Gallo, Louis     Mama’s Boy

Galloway, Janice     Peak

Garber, Janet     Undercover Cat

Gatford, Jo     Flying Ant Day

Gavin, Caroljean     In the Aquarium

Gay, Roxane     Baby Arm

Gazaway, Sharmon     The Corvid Among You

Gebbie, Vanessa     Another Landmass

Gebell, Monica     Passenger

Gilbert, Eliza     River Monster

Godat, Aileen     Secret Robin Hood?

Gonzalez, Christopher     I’m Not Hungry But I Could Eat

Goode, Melissa     Goodness and Mercy

Goode, Melissa     Extreme Unction

Goodrich, Melissa     Little Ghost

Goodrich, Melissa     Sapphires

Greenberg, Roppotucha     How She Stopped Being Afraid of the Dark

Griffin, Kristin     Things I’ve Seen Walking Penny

Griffiths, Kelly     The Boots

Grogan, Kelly     Underwater

Gruber, Allison     Imagine Texas

Gullick, Charlotte     A Word for the Future

Gunning, Olivia     The Arrangement

Guo, Joy     Nuisance


Halim, Ola W.     Running

Hall, Jacob M.     We Knocked Hard

Hanson, Rachel M.     On Returning to Appalachia

Heady, Sarah     Dear Yankee Girl with Preconceived Notions of the South

Heenan, Keren     Black As

Herbert, John     Bloody But Unbowed: Belfast, 1998

Hilaire, Shannon St.     Life Cycle of a Human OS

Hilles, Robert     Little Pink Houses

Hinderliter, Robert     One Last Night at the Dead Dog Saloon

Hinte, Shelby     Connection Is the Opposite of Addiction

Hirschfield, Robert     Romance at Odd Hours: A Story of Late Love

Hoffman, Dustin M.     The Ouija Board Inspector

Holbrook, Christina     The Gardener

Holdsworth, Pauline     Life Line

Hooker, Lauren     Offering

Howard, Michael     Death of a Cyclist

Hoyle, Kathy     Shh, Bairn

Hubbard, Alex     Visiting Hours

Huggett, Nancy     The Complete Guide to Writing Thank-You Notes

Hui, Angela     Samuel Anointing Saul, c. 1625-1650

Hunt, Lauren     Magpie

Hutson, Ashley     Collage


III, James Stewart     Stronger

Ifediba, Nzube     The Dragon Slayer

Ikhenaode, Arekpitan     Waiting for a Suddenly


Iyer, Geetha     Overwinter, Ohio 2021


James, Emily     Because Love Was a Piñata

James, Emily     Full of Light Without A Window

James, Christopher     The Almost

Jancewicz, Anna Lea     Some Things Get Lodged in Your Throat

Jay, Meredith     Crushed

Jeffra, Miah     A Miracle of Miracles

Jenkins, Becca Borawski     Before the Water Rushes In

Joffre, Ruth     A Girl Attends a Pep Rally

Johe, Serena     Willpower

Johnson, Emma Alice     Biking with Kaiju

Jones, Gaynor     Amongst These Animals

Juffer, Alex     Heat Lightning


Kapp, Christina     Reproductive History

Kasimma,     VOX POPULI, VOX DEI

Kitasei, Yume     Hatch

Klatzker, Catherine     Sleeping Together

Krupman, Amanda     New Business

Kunsa, Ashley     Drowning


Lackoff, Hannah     The James Bonds

Lanzendorfer, Joy     Sleep Disturbance

Lauth, Rachel     Chemo-Brain

Lawry, Mercedes     It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Layte, Brenden     Recesses

Lebduska, Lisa     Family Echo

Lee, YS     Four Feasts

Leighty-Phillips, Tucker     The Fable of Algorithm Father

Leilani, Raven     Persimmon

Lepri, Hege     Culinary Bliss

Lin, Su-Yee     A Ceiling of Sky

Litman, Spencer     Like Falling Asleep

Lock, Barbara     Insect Music

Lopez, Perry     Happy Hunting Grounds

Lorenz, Calder G.     What Do You Do?

Love, Tim     Snapshots

Loveall, Briana     Tatau

Loveday, Michael     Chewing Glass

Luft, Jillian     Heart-Shaped Box

Luikart, Paul     The Museum of Heartache

Lychack, William     The Shard

Lyons, Stephen J.     Northern Idaho Without A Clue


Ma-Kellams, Christine     A Spade, A Spade

MacCabe, Niamh     Crown, Whisper, Prophecy, Farewell, Repeat

Madden, Yasmina Din     Then Go To Paris, I Say

Mae, Eleanor     Emperor

Magowan, Kim     Passing Muster

Magowan, Kim     Subplot

Magowan, Kim     Compromising

Malin, Andrea     Before The Fall

Malkemes, Don     Only in Public

Mangeot, Robert     Snap Bam Boom

Mani, Emily Thomas     Factory

Manickavel, Kuzhali     Things That Happened While We Waited for Our Magical Grandmother to Die—Nos. 14, 7, 26 and 19

Margariti, Avra     Clover

Margolies, Jacob     Arkin’s Last Bet

Marshall, Laura     Interplanetary

Mauk, John     Driving the Messiah

Mayer, Elizabeth     Driving Home with Invisible Todd

Mays, Rebekah Lee     Tulip Time

McAndrew, Tyler     Lake Shore Limited

McCabe, Melanie     Before There Was a Road

McCarter, Stephanie     This is Love, This is What Love is

McGuill, Robert     Te Quiero Con Todo Mi Corazón

McMackin, Rose     Juice

McMahon, Kathryn     Pearls

Mehra, Gargi     Her Metamorphosis

Merino, Faith     For the Hillside Boys

Michalski, Jen     Azrael at the Starbucks

Miller, Dawn     Edna St. Vincent Millay Covers the Mirrors

Milliken, Douglas W.     Perfect Water Aglow

Milliken, Douglas W.     Mascara

Momyer, Heather     The Great Bear

Monpere, Claudia     Hiding from Mary

Montgomery, Sarah Fawn     Voyeur

Moretz, Laura     Take Your Eye

Morse, Jay     Annapolis

Murphy, Sarah Starr     The Worm Eater


Nagarajan, Neeru     Exit a Goddess

Nair, Aruna     Visitant

Nally, Leland     The Depersonalized Violence of a Labor Day Mattress Sale

Nees, Mike     First Dance

Ngamije, Rémy     Annus Horribilis

Nlebesi, Tigele      Black Girls in Upscale Boutiques

Novak, JoAnna     The Countdown


O’Callaghan, Billy     Feeding The Dead

O’Cleary, Rachel     Hungering

O’Connell, Bayveen     Because I’m Just Your Mother Not Your Speech Therapist

Oet, Rainie     Blue Water

Ogbonnaya, Chibuike     Let the Soft Animal of Your Body Love What It Loves

Olivieri, Daniel     Why I Envy Pocket Watches

Ostrom, Melissa     “Puppy” Rescued by Western New York Family Actually Full-Grown Woman

Otten, Anthony     Empty Houses

O’Connor, Nuala     Nighttide

O’Neil, Amy     Wrapping Around the World Twice


Pappas, Cheryl     The World I Will Not Taste

Park, Jihoon     The Big Stunt

Parton, Heidi Fettig     How to Stay Silent, in Twelve Steps

Passey, Steve     The Rooster

Paterson, W. T.     The Death of Punk

Patrick, Conor     The Moon Is Up Yet It Is Not Night

Pavick, Emily     Caveman

Peck, Michael     By the River

Pekin, Paul     Milk

Perkins, Tanya     The White Rocker

Petty, Nicholas     Mr Tanaka Needs Some Rest

Phinney, Jonathan     Airport

Pienaar, Erin     The Dreams That You Dream

Pieper, Che     Grudge Match

Polders, Claire     The Gravity of Air

Pourciau, Glen     Source

Price, Dacia     Mitosis

Price, Carmen     Crème de Menthe

Prins, Richard     Safari Lager and Swahili Hip-Hop



Rachlin, Nahid     Three Sharp-Edged Memories

Raye, Gen Del     Incredible Lifelike Whale Comes Up for Air, Again and Again

Readman, Angela     I Would Have Written a Story, Except I had to Hang Out with Richard Brautigan

Readman, Angela     A Quiet Like This

Reed, Matt     The Lower Hillside

Reed, Matt     The Midweek Trainer

Reneau, Kirsten     The Forgiving Kind

Rickards, Susannah     Hartlepool Beach Extras

Ridgway, Keith     As This. As That.

Ridley, Barbara     Buried

Robbins, Denise S.     One Day Closer

Roberts, Nathan Curtis     Ruined, A Nativity

Roberts, Lizzie     Sons and Daughters

Robins, A. R.     Philomel

Robinson, Maria     Laugh Track

Ross, Michelle     Squash

Ross, James     A Moment in Time

Ross, Michelle     Swarming

Ross, Michelle     Night Bloom

Ross, Michelle     The Difference Between Me and Everyone Else

Ross, James     Shitbreath

Roth, Nick     How to Spot the Portly Man

Rowe, Megan Louise     Communion

Ryckman, Tatiana     The Lover


Saini, Kiran Kaur     More Than a Lion

Sams, Saba     What Do You Know About Love?

Saul, John     Accidents and Emergencies

Saul, John     Click

Saul, John     Alfie

Saul, John     This Place Is An Inspiration

Saul, John     Alhambra

Sawers, Jasmine     Leviathan

Scheer, Wayne     A Quiet Man

Schrodt, Jacob     Elysium

Segall, Pete     Charon at the Junkets

Sharma, Anju     I Ran Three Miles for My Boyfriend But He Says No You Didn’t

Simmons, Kelly L.     Honyockers

Skirvin, Ellen     Meadowbrook Jackasses

Slotky, Ben     In the Event I Decide to Open My Own Detective Agency

Slotky, Ben     The Sandwich Judge

Slugocki, Lillian Ann     Swan Songs

Stephens, Charlie     I Am a Conservationist

Stinchcomb, Jan     I Have to Ask

Stone, Laurie     Colony

Stuber, Amy     Ambulances on My Block

Sugar, Beaumont     That Car Salesman Knew My Sister

Sweeney, Nick     A Song as Old as the World

Sweetman, Rosita     heroin – a love affaire in twelve stanzas


Talty-Johnson, Liam Edward     Lockwood and Miller

Tanner, Sean     Mams Being Mams

Taylor, Ed     Lake Effect

Taylor, Lois     The Launch

Teitelbaum, Bill     Tales of the Glenwood Tap

Tennis, Luke     My Days in the Tepee

Terzino, Mary Hannah     The Arc of the Birch

Theodoridou, Natalia     The Emptiness Machine

Toal, Jim     Among the Bull Calves

Todhunter, Jennifer     The Levitation

Tomarchio, Eileen     Maybe Michaels Notions Sounded Too Much Like a Sex Shop and That’s Why Michael Went With Michaels Crafts

Trahan, Leslie     Soft Cheese

Trubman, Lazar     Spring in Chisinau

Tryon, Eric Scot     At a Roadside Attraction on the Brink of Divorce

Tucker, Seth Brady     The Silences

Turowski, Anamyn     Matthew’s Ninth Birthday


Ubere, Zenas     The Hunched One

Ugwuede, Kay     Red Wine Pasta

Ulrich, Cathy     The Hollow Where His Heart Would Be

Ulsted, Naomi     Birdsong

Unsworth, Lydia     Sea Wolf

Unsworth, Emma Jane     Through

Upton, Lee     Dossier, Regurgitation, Acid, Columbia


Valeri, Laura     What They Know

VandeZande, Zach     Custom / Conditional

Varnish, Jo     Georgina Willis

Vaughan, Chloe     More Time

Venables, Emma     Unknown Woman, 1990

Vitucci, Donna     To Pieces

Vosen, Jennifer L.     Here’s How It Works

Vossoughi, Siamak     The Death Of Love Or The Life Of It

Vredenburg, Jason     Past Tense


Wallace, Elisabeth Ingram     19 Owls

Wallace, Elisabeth Ingram     Scrolling Facebook Memes Waiting for the Paediatrician

Walsh, Barney     Looking for Gemma

Walters, Jake     Sundowner

Wampole, Caroline     Medicine for My Brother

Welang, Nahum N.     Aquaranus

Wenzlow, Louis     Grace

Whiley, Jude     What the Women Do

Whyte, Melanie     The Coldness Between Us

Wieneke, Connie     On Monday My Mother

Wilson, Lorraine     Let The Trees Remember

Wisel, Kate     Knuckleball

Woods, Lauren D.     Body Parts

Woods, Lauren D.     What’s So Great About Expectations?



Young, Rebecca     10 Gazes Collected While Recreating in the Anthropocene Epoch


Zambrano, Tara Isabel     One Milky Window

Zasada, Emily     Morning Sun

Zenari, Vivian     bill