Our Current Editors: Jacky and Damyanti

Hello friends,

Jacky Taylor and Damyanti Biswas are reading and selecting stories in March. Here is what they are looking for.

Jacky Taylor’s wishlist:

I have an eclectic taste but whatever I read has to have integrity—of purpose, in characterisation, dialogue, narrative arc… all the essential elements. It has to be true to itself whatever the genre. If the prose hooks me first then the rest must reel me in. No matter how good the story, the writing has to sing and no matter how good the writing the story must have a focus. I don’t like style over substance, ideally prose and narrative should work as equal partners. I like emotional depth but not self-consciousness or cliché, confidence not arrogance. I want a story to resonate, to make me think and feel.

Damyanti Biswas’ Wishlist:

Stories with a great voice, an original premise, relatable characters. I love language that can hold me under its spell, but without overwriting or language for the sake of itself. I tend to pick up stories of all types that have a heartbeat (even when they might need editing), over perfectly-written stories that are all form, but not much content.

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Thanks for checking us out. We look forward to reading your work!