2022 Forge Flash Competition Longlists

Dear friends,

Out of more than 700 entries, we are pleased to announce our longlists (in alphabetical order).


“Heat Lightning”
“Inside Job”
“Life Lessons”
“Open the Window, Let in the Cool Air”
“Real Rock Hounds”
“River Monster”
“So Many Acres”
“The Day My Mother Flew”
“The Year of the Humming Turban”


“Body Parts”
“Exhuming the Enfant Terrible”
“Hunger Pains”
“In the Heart”
“On Bathing and Fatherhood”
“Overwinter, Ohio 2021”
“Ruined, A Nativity””
“Some Heroes”
“That Car Salesman Knew My Sister”
“The Carrying Place”

Thanks so much to everyone who entered. It’s an honor to be given a chance to consider each and every piece. Finalists and winners will be announced soon.