Forge Flash Competition Longlists

Dear friends,

Out of 845 (495 fiction/350 nonfiction) entries, we are pleased to announce our longlists (in alphabetical order).


“A Third Of The Way Into My Two And A Half Hour Long Video Essay Evaluating Serial Experiments Lain From A Modern Perspective, I Share A Fairly Mundane Personal Digression”
“Dad, Sought”
“El Triste”
“Every Seventh Wave”
“Growing Season”
“Hive Mind”
“Make The Title Work Hard. Like It’s Long Term Unemployed And You’re A Conservative”
“Maybe Michaels Notions Sounded Too Much Like a Sex Shop And That’s Why Michael Went With Michaels Crafts”
“Our Sons Wrote, Glorious Days Are About To Come”
“Shh, Bairn, Shh”
“Soft Error”
“That’s It”
“The Invisible Woman”
“The Spaces Between”
“The Wrong Side of the Wall”
“Wrapping Around the World Twice”


“Bedtime Stories”
“Day 3 Madrid”
“Debt Of A Daughter”
“Ear, Nose and Throat”
“Empty Hands, Twice”
“Foucault’s Pendulum”
“Four Feasts”
“Ghost Amaryllis”
“How The Fifth Bass Note Hits You On Patrice Rushen’s “Forget Me Nots””
“How to Fake It”
“How to Lose Yourself in Six Dresses”
“How Your Heart is Formed”
“January 15th”
“Oceans Beneath the Earth”
“Still A mystery”
“Still Life, Route 54”
“The ABCDEs of Melanoma”
“The Franken Berry Lie”
“The National Hug”
“Tower Song”

Thanks to everyone who submitted. We had to return many excellent entries, but we were honored to be given a chance to consider each and every piece. Finalists and winners will be announced soon.