Forge Flash Competition Shortlists

Dear friends,

Out of 818 (473 fiction/345 nonfiction) entries, we are pleased to announce our shortlists (in alphabetical order).


“Goodness and Mercy”
“I Would Have Written a Story, Except I had to Hang Out with Richard Brautigan”
“Matthew’s Ninth Birthday”
“Miss Texas Considers Talking About Her Tooth”
“Scrolling Facebook Memes Waiting for the Paediatrician”
“The Act of Giving”
“To Be a Goddamned Mayfly”
“What the Dogdaisies Could Have Told You By Morning”
“What Will Happen to the Fat Girl”


“Gwah Ju”
“In the Aquarium”
“Life Cycle of a Human OS”
“Single Issue”
“The Four Stages of a Fire”
“The Lone Star”

Congratulations to everyone! Winners and runners-up will be announced in a few days.