Forge Flash Competition Longlists

Dear friends,

Out of 818 (473 fiction/345 nonfiction) entries, we are pleased to announce our longlists (in alphabetical order).


“Call Him Home”
“Except By My Sister”
“Goodness and Mercy”
“Hazardous to Sea Life”
“I Would Have Written a Story, Except I had to Hang Out with Richard Brautigan”
“Matthew’s Ninth Birthday”
“Mermaids Don’t Die of Thirst”
“Miss Texas Considers Talking About Her Tooth”
“Night Vision”
“Not For Maggie”
“Ready the Heart”
“Scrolling Facebook Memes Waiting for the Paediatrician”
“The Act of Giving”
“The Beach Walker”
“The Death of Asiwaju Abimbola Cole”
“The Photograph Woman”
“To Be a Goddamned Mayfly”
“What the Dogdaisies Could Have Told You By Morning”
“What Will Happen to the Fat Girl”


“Also That If Bodies Are Substances”
“Gwah Ju”
“In the Aquarium”
“Late Summer”
“Life Cycle of a Human OS”
“Single Issue”
“The Four Stages of a Fire”
“The Lone Star”
“The Round”

Thanks to everyone for trusting us with your work. We had to return many excellent entries, but we were honored to be able to consider each and every piece. Finalists and winners will be announced soon.