Smash Lits with Sara Crowley

Read Amy K. Bell’s nonfiction piece, I Will Hold It, My Love


1) How do you stop procrastinating? 

I wait.

2) Bacon VS tofu – who wins? Why? 

Bacon is the low-hanging fruit of meats.

3) What nicknames have you had?

“Belly” is my favorite.

4) What is your favourite pen? 

A Tul retractable gel pen, fine point.

5) Who is your favourite Sesame Street character? 

Oscar the Grouch.

6) What was the last text you sent? 

A logistical question to my spouse, regarding my eldest daughter’s transition to kindergarten later this fall.

7) How much money did you spend yesterday? 

A lot, I have two children in full day childcare.

8) What sandwiches would you make for a picnic with Margaret Atwood? 

I’d probably bring us dac biet banh mi sandwiches with everything and see what happens.

9) Do you have a favourite place to read? 

I love to read on airplanes and look forward to the time when I can do that again, ie when my youngest daughter is not squirming/nursing/sleeping/bouncing on me. I also enjoy reading in the car when it is stationary.

10) What is your phone screensaver? 

I’m a mom; it’s my kids.

11) Assuming ghosts don’t currently exist, if I gave you the power to do so, would you will them into reality? 

Let us turn our ghosts into ancestors.