Our Current Editors: Valerie and Jacky

Dear friends,

Editors reading in October are Valerie Waterhouse and Jacky Taylor. Here is what they are looking for. Send us your best!

Valerie Waterhouse’s wishlist:

I am, of course,  looking for beautiful writing that shines—but in this day and age I am also interested in meaningful content. Send me stories  that aren’t afraid to tackle big issues and make the personal political, or vice versa.  I’m especially interested in pieces from Europe, Asia & Africa.

I’d be interested to see pieces that explore:
● Climate change woven into accounts of ordinary life in the here and now. (But no futuristic tales of  dystopia/the apocalypse, please.)
● The relationship between man/woman & nature/animals/plants
● Migration, multi-culturalism, multi-lingualism, identity
● Anything that depicts the world from a different point of view and makes me exclaim: ‘Hey, I never thought of that!’


Jacky Taylor’s wishlist:

I have an eclectic taste but whatever I read has to have integrity—of purpose, in characterisation, dialogue, narrative arc… all the essential elements. It has to be true to itself whatever the genre. If the prose hooks me first then the rest must reel me in. No matter how good the story, the writing has to sing and no matter how good the writing the story must have a focus. I don’t like style over substance, ideally prose and narrative should work as equal partners. I like emotional depth but not self-consciousness or cliché, confidence not arrogance. I want a story to resonate, to make me think and feel.

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We look forward to reading your work!