Our Current Editors: Sara and Valerie

Hello friends,

Sara Crowley and Valerie Waterhouse are now reading and selecting stories. Here is what they are looking for.

Sara’s wishlist:

I like fiction that feels like truth and non-fiction that reads like it’s made-up.

Valerie’s wishlist:

I love good writing, but am equally interested in meaningful content that isn’t afraid to  tackle big issues and make the personal political. I’d also like to make a special appeal for stories set around the world,  especially in Europe, Asia & Africa.

I’d be interested to see pieces that explore:

  • Climate change woven into stories of ordinary life in the here and now. (But no futuristic tales of dystopia/the apocalypse, please)
  • The relationship between man/woman & nature/animals/plants
  • Migration, multi-culturalism, multi-lingualism, identity
  • Anything that depicts the world from a different point of view and makes me exclaim: ‘Hey, I never thought of that!’

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Thanks for checking us out. We look forward to reading your work!