Our Current Editors: Sarah and Sommer

Hello friends,

Sarah Broderick and Sommer Schafer are now reading and selecting stories. Here is what they are looking for.

Sarah’s wishlist:

Human stories. Poetic stories. Stories of depth and feeling. Stories that aren’t afraid to risk everything. Simply, I enjoy discovering writers who are more concerned with giving than perfecting. Also, I suppose I have a soft spot for stories about working people, people who often don’t have the luxury to read and write stories but tell them to pass the time and, sometimes, to survive.

Sommer’s wishlist:

If the writing of your story has had the effect of transporting you into a “movie” of your own making, and you are seeing and feeling everything as if it were actually happening in reality, then I’m sure to love it.

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Thanks for checking us out. We look forward to reading your work!