Dear friends,

We have now been open to unsolicited submissions for three months. Here’s our review of the stats from the first quarter-year we’ve been in existence.

Submissions received: 1,252 (fiction 1,050, nonfiction 202)
Pending review: 44 (fiction 36, nonfiction 8)
Withdrawn: 13
Accepted: 23 (fiction 18, nonfiction 5)
Declined: 1,172

Not counting the pending/withdrawn pieces, our combined acceptance rate is 1.92% (fiction 1.79%, nonfiction 2.56%). Our VIDA breakdown among the 23 accepted works (though we’re not entirely comfortable with binary gender stats): 13 by female, 10 by male authors (57% female, 43% male).

Thank you so much to those who submitted to us—it means a lot that we were entrusted with your writing. We are sorry we’ve had to decline so many pieces. We can only publish 52 pieces a year and have had to let go a lot of deserving work. We sincerely hope you won’t be discouraged and will continue to give us a chance.