We took a week off from posting submission stats to reflect on our first month but we have kept track of the numbers. Here is what the last two weeks looked like.

Week 5 stats:
Carryover: 34
New submissions received: 65 (fiction 55, nonfiction 10)
Sent to our current editors: 7 (all pending)
Accepted: 1 (nonfiction)
Declined: 42
Withdrawn: 1
Pending: 55

Week 6 stats:
Carryover: 55
New submissions received: 98 (fiction 82, nonfiction 16)
Sent to our current editors: 6 (2 were declined)
Accepted: 2 (both fiction)
Declined: 89
Withdrawn: 1
Pending: 61

We have responded to all submissions received prior to Jan 19. Thanks again for letting us read your work. We look forward to more.