In the fourth week of our existence we saw the following numbers:

Carryover: 29
New submissions received: 71 (fiction 61, nonfiction 10)
Sent to our current editors: 7 (all pending)
Accepted: 3 (all fiction; 1 from week 4, 2 from week 2)
Declined: 63
Withdrawn: 0
Pending: 34

We have responded to all submissions that came in prior to January 19.

We seem to be receiving an average of 10 submissions per day. Since we have 12 readers and 2 editors, we can afford to read and reread our submissions and still reply promptly. Some writers are including their names on the manuscripts themselves. We like to read not knowing who the author is. We also have a “friends don’t read friends’ work” policy and if we recognize a name, the story is reassigned.

Please send us your best work. We are ready to read.