For the curious, our week 3 stats:

Carryover: 47
New submissions received: 61 (fiction 53, nonfiction 8 )
Sent to the editors-of-the-month: 8 (2 were declined)
Accepted: 4 (fiction 3, nonfiction 1; 1 from week 1, 2 from week 2, 1 from week 3)
Declined: 73
Withdrawn: 2
Rewrite request: 0
Pending: 29

We have responded to all submissions received prior to Jan 13.

We got fewer submissions in our third week compared to the first two, which gave us room to breathe and a chance to catch up. Fortunately, we have many wonderful submissions to choose from. Really, the quality of writing we have received so far has been quite high.

We accepted a story from a previously unpublished 19-year-old writer, which was exciting for all of us. This is why we are doing this, right? Four of the seven pieces accepted were written by women.

Keep up the good work and please send us some more of your gems. We are ready to read.