All our editors are writers so we’re familiar with the peculiar pleasure of browsing submission statistics. XYZ journal is really hard to get into whereas ABC is way too easy. Magazine S responds super fast, Magazine T is yet to reply. (I have a flash that’s been somewhere for a year and half so far – I’m gonna say right now, that’s waaaaay too long.) For anyone interested, our week 2 stats are:

New submissions received: 107 (fiction 103, nonfiction 4)
Sent to the editors-of-the-month: 17 (12 were declined)
Accepted: 3 (all from week 1: fiction 2, nonfiction 1)
Rewrite request: 0
Declined: 71
Withdrawn: 2
Pending review: 47 (includes carryovers from previous week)

We have responded to all submissions that came in prior to January 7.

Thank you for sending your work to us; we look forward to reading more.