We here at the Forge Literary Magazine are big on transparency. Here are the submission stats from the first week of our existence. Thanks so much for giving us a chance to consider your work! It’s truly an honor.

Submissions received: 140 (fiction 128, nonfiction 12)
Sent to the editors-of-the-month: 7 (3 were declined)
Accepted: 0
Rewrite request: 1
Declined: 91
Withdrawn: 1
Pending review: 47

The speed of our response is determined by schedule of our readers. Quick rejections don’t mean that those pieces received less consideration. Conversely, just because we haven’t responded doesn’t imply deeper interest, aside from the pieces that were sent to the editors-of-the-months, of course.

For those who received rejections from us, we are sorry. We enjoyed reading many of them. We can only publish a handful per month, so we have to be selective.

Note: About half of submissions came in with the name of the writer appearing on the first page (and occasionally subsequent pages) of the manuscript. We assign submissions to two readers randomly and fortunately this time none of our readers recognised the names, so the submissions received fair reading. For true anonymity, please make sure your name doesn’t appear on your manuscript.

Keep them coming!