A little while ago, I received a payment for a story I published with matchbook. It was a $20 bill accompanied by a neatly typewritten (yes, with an actual typewriter) letter.

I have given most of my stories away. I was happy to do so and continue to be. Literary publishing is a labor of love for nearly all of us. Still, I was inspired by this gesture—even a small payment like this felt somehow subversive. Maybe, it seemed to suggest, there is a value in something other than killer iPhone apps and clever instruments of finance. Perhaps there is value in creativity, in art for the sake of art, as well.

We want to maintain and extend this tradition here at The Forge Literary Magazine. We can’t afford enormous sums—after all, we’re also writers. But we hope that you will be as inspired as I was by that twenty dollars. We care about writing. We care about art. Literature is important, and we want to do what little we can to promote it.

Writers, please send us your gems. It’s free to submit.